CC547 The World's Leading Designer and Manufacturer of High-Tech Automotive Electromechanical Systems
COMPANY OVERVIEW 公司介绍 Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of highly technical automotive electromecha...   More>>
CC544 First-Class Suppliers of Automotive Plastic Parts with High Manufacturing Difficulty
COMPANY OVERVIEW 公司介绍 With 70 years of operational history, the Company is a full-service provider of automotive...   More>>
CC543 Well-known Smoked Salmon Producer in the United State
COMPANY OVERVIEW 公司介绍 Founded in 1996, the Company based on US, specializes in smoked salmon products, namely tr...   More>>
CC541 Leading Designer, Developer and Producer of Advanced Surround View Monitoring Systems
COMPANY OVERVIEW 公司介绍 Located in South Korea, the Company is one of the leading designers, developers and prod...   More>>
CC540 Advanced Automotive Lightweight Aluminum Alloy High-Pressure Die-Casting Enterprise
COMPANY OVERVIEW 公司介绍 Based in North America, the Company is a heavy-duty aluminum alloy high-pressure die-cas...   More>>
CC533 High-Precision Gear Supplier with Advanced Technology
COMPANY OVERVIEW 公司介绍 The Company is headquartered in Germany and is a holding company. Its business integra...   More>>
CC525 Advanced Light Weight Automotive Thermoforming Product Tier One Supplier
COMPANY OVERVIEW 公司介绍 The Company is headquartered in Northwest of United States, and has operated for more th...   More>>
CC521 CAD and CAM Designing Software Integrator for CNC Machine Tools
Company Overview 公司介绍 The Company is a leader in the tiered / modular solutions category. It combines CAD (com...   More>>