CC520 Top Designer and Manufacturer of Automotive Seating Solution
Company Overview 公司介绍 The Company is one of the largest independent supplier of engineered seating solutions f...   More>>
CC518 Technology Driven Manufacturer of Conveyor Equipment for Logistics
Company Overview 公司介绍 As a successful manufacturer of technology driven conveyor equipment modules and provider ...   More>>
CC517 Advanced Innovator and Manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supply Device and Battery
Company Overview 公司介绍 Headquartered in North America, the Company is a leading innovator and manufacturer of ...   More>>
CC513 Leading Provider of Customized Sensor System
Company Overview 公司介绍 The Company is an Europe - based leading supplier of advanced sensors systems. The Compa...   More>>
CC512 Leading Provider of Innovative Roof System for Automobiles
Company Overview 公司介绍 The Company is a leading provider of advanced and innovative automotive roof system for ...   More>>
CC506 Emerging Star of Home Robot Designing and Manufacturing Area
COMPANY OVERVIEW 公司概况  As a startup house robot designer and manufacturer with great potential, the Company...   More>>
CC500 Advanced Automotive Interior Product Manufacturer
COMPANY OVERVIEW   公司介绍 Headquartered in United States, the Company is famous designer and manufacture ...   More>>
CC499 Leading Automotive Exterior Trim Full-Service Supplier
COMPANY OVERVIEW  公司介绍 Found in 1970s, The Company is a leading, full-service Tier I supplier of Clas...   More>>