CC496 Turnkey Solution for Advanced Donor Organ Preservation
COMPANY OVERVIEW  公司介绍 Headquartered in New England, the Company is privately held and emerging commercia...   More>>
CC493 欧洲代谢性疾病创新药投资机会
公司介绍 该公司是一家来自欧洲的专利药公司,该公司利用激发人体自身的代谢机制,开发治疗脂肪肝与糖尿病的新药。 投...   More>>
CC489 A Leading Professional Company Skin Care Products
COMPANY OVERVIEW   公司介绍 Headquartered in the US, the Company is a leading professional pioneer in skin ...   More>>
CC487 A Leading Modular Water and Wastewater Treatment Solution Provider
COMPANY OVERVIEW  公司介绍 The Company is a leader in providing modular water and wastewater solutions in the...   More>>
CC456 A Leading US Automotive Dismantler and Recycler of Scrap Metal and Cores
COMPANY OVERVIEW  公司介绍 The Company is a distinguished player in local market conducting automotive scr...   More>>
CC443 A Leading Global Supplier of Automotive Mechanical Systems and Components
COMPANY OVERVIEW  公司概况  Headquartered in North America, the Company has been a leading global suppl...   More>>
CC427 金属精密件制造公司
公司概览 标的公司是一家一体化经营的国际金属精密件制造集团,是一家汽车一级供应商,直接供应全球知名汽车制造企业,包括...   More>>

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